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Do you and others on your library board feel isolated and alone as you face the challenges of governing your library? Network with a great group of dedicated system library trustees who share your passion and interest in library matters. Join the CCLS trustees listserv.

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If you have any trouble, please e-mail Carolyn at the System. 

Use this listserv to post questions, suggestions, notices about your library, or any other item related to public libraries and trustees. Ask other trustees for their thoughts and opinions. Ask for help and information from others who have dealt with the same issue. Someone is bound to answer with advice!

Library Policies and Procedures Workshop PowerPoint and Handouts

Policies PowerPt

  12 Financial Procedures Manual   26 Strategies for Annual Evaluation
01 Handout List 13 JPLA Meeting Room Policy 27 Addressing Performance Issues - Performance Evaluation Samples
02 Critical Documents List
13 Sample Meeting Room Policies 28 Legal Aspects of Termination - Terminating an Employee
03 Collective Authority

14 Sample Display Policies 29 Elements of a Collection Development Policy
04 Library Board & Library Policies 15 ADA Overview and Self-Evaluation for Library Buildings 30 What the Board, Staff, and the Public Need to Know About Weeding
05 By Laws - Sample by Laws 16 Library Security 31 Why Parents Challenge Library Materials

06 Board Meetings 17 Sample Disaster Policy 32 Intellectual Freedom, Censorship and Privacy
07 Ethics Statement - Conflict of Interest

18 Emergency Contacts Checklist 33 Statements Affirming Intellectual Freedom

08 Library Boards & Friends Groups
19 Disaster Planning Resources 34 Laws Relating to Intellectual Freedom

09 Community & Public Relations Photo Release Form 20 Library Trustees and Personnel 35 Challenged Books and Other Material FAQ

10 Record Retention Schedule 21 Checklist of Personnel Policies 36 ALA NYLA Intellectual Freedom - Web Resources
11 Accounts Payable - How to Pay Bills 22 Benefit Reimbursement 37 Confidentiality

11 Accounts Payable - Purchase Order JPLA (Excel) 22 Legal Aspects of Employment 38 Sample Technology Plan

11 Accounts Payable Sheet JPLA 23 Questions to Answer When Planning for Compensation 39 Library Services Policies Samples

11 Purchase Orders and Claim Forms for JPLA and CCLS (pdf) 24 Factors to Consider When Developing Job Descriptions - Sample Job Descriptions 40 Bibliography of Policies and Procedures Resources
11 Employee Time Sheet Template Yearly Hours Worked 25 Hiring and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)