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Provided by the New York State Library, NOVELny is an online virtual library connecting New Yorkers to 21st century information via libraries and library systems statewide. NOVELny is an electronic resource access project that enables libraries across New York State to give their communities online access to the full text of thousands of journals, newspapers and other references. NOVELny is supported with temporary federal Library Services and Technology Act funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).
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PowerSearch Power Search: Discover all of the great content available at your library right here. Search for any term or phrase and find articles from thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers and books along with videos, images and podcast content. Your search should always start here. (Does not include all Gale databases.)
Agriculture Collection
Agriculture Collection: With broad coverage of agriculture and its related fields, this collection provides a comprehensive view of this growing body of knowledge. Comprised of hundreds of journals and magazines, researchers will have access to current and authoritative content that spans the industry -- from practical aspects of farming to cutting edge scientific research in horticulture. [Coverage: 1980-current]
ArtsFine Arts & Music Collection Fine Arts & Music Collection: With hundreds of full text magazines and journals covered in databases such as the Wilson Art Index and RILM, this collection will provide your students with resources to support research in areas such as drama, music, art history, and filmmaking. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Business & Finance
Business Economics & Theory Collection
Business Insights:  Essentials

Small Business Collection

Business Economics & Theory: With a strong emphasis on titles covered in the EconLit database, this collection provides academic journals and magazines focusing on topics in economics. Perfect for business classes, users will find hundreds of full text journals to support their research. [Coverage: 1980-current]

The Business Insights: Essentials database allows users to research and analyze companies and industries around the world. Featuring the content you need to explore a global business landscape:
•Extensive reference content from Gale's core business collection;
•Easy-to-use company fundamentals and investment research reports;
•Industry rankings, profiles, market share data, company histories, and more.

Small Business Collection: Perfect for business schools and entrepreneurs, this compilation provides insights, tips, strategies and success stories. Users will find hundreds of full text subject-appropriate periodicals. [Coverage: 1980-current]

Vocations & Careers Collection
Vocations and Careers Collection: Finding the right career can be a daunting and high stakes task: Finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career are all topics covered by this collection. Current and applicable content for all vocational milestones are also included. Offering content from nearly 400 journals, this collection provides content from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Children see Students
Communication & Mass Media Collection
Communications & Mass Media Collection: From marketing professionals to students studying for advanced degrees in linguistic theory, this collection provides current and accurate information in full text from journals focused on all aspects of the communications field. Key subjects covered include: advertising and public relations, literature and writing, linguistics, and many more. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Computer Database
Use the the Computer Database to find computer-related product introductions, news and reviews in areas such as hardware, software, electronics, engineering, communications and the application of technology. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Collection
Criminal Justice Collection: Whether studying to become a lawyer, law enforcement officer, paralegal, or for a career in Homeland Security, this collection rises to the challenge. Users will have access to hundreds of full text journals. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts Collection
The Culinary Arts Collection includes major cooking and nutrition magazines, culinary journals and several Delmar Reference titles. Coverage includes thousands of searchable recipes, restaurant reviews, and industry information. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Cultural Studies
Diversity Studies Collection
Diversity Studies Collection: A must-have for social science, history and liberal arts coursework, this collection explores cultural differences, contributions and influences in our global community. This set includes more than 150 journals. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Economics see Business & Finance
Encyclopedias see Students
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection: Providing robust coverage of the field of environmental issues and policy, this collection, which includes magazines and academic journals, provides instant access to the multiple viewpoints of this volatile field of study. Perspectives from the scientific community, governmental policy makers, as well as corporate interests are included. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Finance see Business & Finance
Gardening see also Agriculture
Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Collection
Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection: Farmers, landscape architects, and biotechnologists alike will have their information appetites sated with this collection of journals focused specifically on key issues in gardening, landscaping, and other areas of horticulture. A fertile and growing collection, this collection includes content relating to both the practical aspects as well as the scientific theory of horticulture studies. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Gender Studies
Gender Studies Collection
Gender Studies Collection: This collection of journals aims to provide balanced coverage of this significant aspect of our culture, covering such topics as gender studies, family and marital issues, health aspects, and many more. [Coverage: 1980-current]
General Reference see Magazines/Journals
Health & Medicine see also Nursing; Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy
Health Reference Center Academic


Health Reference Center Academic: The multi-source database provides access to the full text of nursing and allied health journals, plus the wide variety of personal health information sources in InfoTrac's award-winning Health Reference Center. All in a single, easy-to-use database, the material contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only. [Coverage: 1980-current]
U.S. History Collection
World History Collection
U.S. History Collection: As any historian will state, the study of history is as much about the present as the past. This collection provides well-rounded coverage of both the current thinking and events in US History as well as scholarly work being established in the field. This compilation of journals provides robust and balanced coverage of this field, useful both to the novice historian as well as to the advanced academic researcher. [Coverage: 1980-current]

World History Collection: As any historian will state, the study of history is as much about the present as the past. This collection provides well-rounded coverage of both the current thinking and events in World History, as well as scholarly work being established in the field. This compilation of journals provides robust and balanced coverage of this field, useful both to the novice historian as well as to the advanced academic researcher. [Coverage: 1980-current]

Home Improvement
Home Improvement Collection
Home Improvement Collection: Even the smallest home improvement project can be daunting. With this collection of home improvement focused titles, hobbyists and professional carpenters alike will immediately put their projects on a more solid foundation. Coverage includes such topics as architectural techniques, tool and material selection, zoning requirements, and many more. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Insurance & Liability Collection
Insurance and Liability Collection: Protection of assets is a concern for all. From the individual property owner to the multinational corporation, all have a vested interest in ensuring the retention of their assets, be it physical or intellectual. This collection, of journals, takes a broad view of this multimillion dollar industry, covering such topics as labor relations, mortgage banking, legal issues, and more. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Job Hunting see Careers
Library/Information Science
Information Science and Library Issues
Information Science and Library Issues Collection: This collection, comprised of content from more than 100 leading industry journals, provides current and accurate information for this fast-moving field. Information professionals and other knowledge workers, from the research specialist to the information architect, will find appropriate and useful information in their areas of expertise, including such topics as information infrastructure, data processing techniques, metadata architectures, and more. [Coverage: 1980-current]

Academic OneFile

Expanded Academic ASAP

General OneFile


Popular Magazines


Academic OneFile is the premier source for peer-reviewed, full text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources. With extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects, Academic OneFile is both authoritative and comprehensive. With millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full text with no restrictions, researchers are able to find accurate information quickly. Includes full text coverage of the New York Times back to 1995. Updated daily. [Coverage: 1980-current]

Expanded Academic ASAP: From arts and the humanities to social sciences, science and technology, this database meets research needs across all academic disciplines. Access scholarly journals, news magazines, and newspapers - many with full text and images! [Coverage: 1980-current]

General OneFile: A one-stop source for news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics: business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology, and many general interest topics. Millions of full text articles, many with images. Updated daily. [Coverage: 1980-current]

Popular Magazines includes more than 1,000 of the most searched magazines across our InfoTrac products. All the titles were selected based on actual publication searches performed by library patrons. This database is 100% full text and includes over 600 titles recommended by Bowker's "Magazines for Libraries". [Coverage: 1980-current]

Military & Intelligence Database
Military and Intelligence Database: Both the historian and reporter on the frontline will find useful information in this collection, composed of content from over 400 journals, which covers all aspects of the past and current state of military affairs. Key subjects covered include: socioeconomic effects of war, governmental policies, the structure of armed forces, and many more. [Coverage: 1980-current]
InfoTrac Newsstand
National Newspaper Index

New York State Newspapers:

Gannett Newsstand: [ProQuest] Contains over 85 Gannett newspapers, 6 of which are New York newspapers. These include the Ithaca Journal, Poughkeepsie Journal, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Journal News (White Plains), Press and Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton) and Star-Gazette (Elmira).



InfoTrac Newsstand is an innovative web-based full text newspaper database which allows users to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, newspaper section or other assigned fields. Finally, a one-stop source for the day's news and searchable archives. You can customize your online newspaper database features including search options. With InfoTrac Newsstand, you can search a collection of thousands of national, international, state and local newspapers, then select your own screen appearance, search options and results format. [Coverage: 1980-current]

National Newspaper Index
provides quick access to the indexing of America's top five newspapers in one seamless search: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. [Coverage: 1977-current]


New York State Newspapers: A subset of InfoTrac Newsstand, this database includes articles from 30 newspapers from around New York State including: Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY); Lockport Union-Sun & Journal (Lockport, NY); The New York Observer (New York, NY); The New York Times; The New York Times Book Review; The New York Times Magazine; The Niagara Falls Reporter (Niagara Falls, NY); and Tonawanda News (North Tonawanda, NY).

Nursing see also Health & Medicine
Nursing & Allied Health Collection
Nursing and Allied Health Collection: All aspects of the Nursing profession -- from direct patient care to health care administration -- are covered. This collection's current and authoritative content will be of use to both professionals already working in the field as well as students pursuing a nursing-focused curriculum. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Philosophy see Religion
Physical Therapy see Sports Medicine
Popular Culture
Pop Culture Collection
Pop Culture Collection: It's all around us and influences our lives every day. This collection provides useful information for any researcher in a social science, history, art or liberal arts course. This collection is made up of more than 100 subject-appropriate full text periodicals. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Psychology Collection
Psychology Collection: This collection gives individuals a basic understanding of the study of the mind, emotions and how the human mind develops and diminishes over time. Researchers will have access to hundreds of subject-appropriate full text periodicals - many cited in the PsycINFO index. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Religion & Philosophy Collection
Religion and Philosophy Collection: Why do some people believe in Heaven? Is it fear, hope, upbringing or blind faith? Users of this collection can research different religions, philosophies and how they impact our daily lives. [Coverage: 1980-current]
General Science Collection
General Science Collection: A collection of over 1,000 peer-reviewed journals, providing researchers with the information needed to stay current on the latest scientific developments. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Small Business see Business & Finance
Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy see also Health & Medicine; Nursing
Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy Collection
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection: Both researcher and practitioner alike will find relevant, authoritative content in this collection, which includes over 100 titles covering the fields of physical therapy and sports medicine. Covering a wide spectrum of information, researchers will have access to a diverse, but focused set of topics in the field, including proven treatment techniques, experimental research theses, and many more. [Coverage: 1980-current]

Kids InfoBits


Opposing Viewpoints in Context

eLibrary Elementary: [ProQuest] Contains over 140 magazines and books for elementary students; also includes the American Heritage Dictionary




go! Scholastic GO! - Search all 8 databases from Scholastic GO! in one search or search the following databases individually:

       Amazing Animals of the World:
Wild animals and their habitats; for elementary school and middle school; includes facts and photos for over 1,200 animals.

       America the Beautiful:
State history, people, places, and events; for elementary and middle school students; includes articles on US cities, states and presidents.

       Encyclopedia Americana:
In-depth information for middle school and higher; articles include links to further readings, a bibliography, selected full text articles, web page links,
       and links to related articles.

       Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia:
       Quick reference with rich media for middle school and higher; includes over 41,000 encyclopedia articles, news, timelines, quizzes
       and games, and research starters; it also includes an atlas and dictionary; articles can be grouped by lexile level and are aligned to standards.

       La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre:
Spanish language encyclopedia written from a Latin American perspective; a comprehensive reference resource for Spanish speakers and
       Spanish-language students.

       Lands and Peoples:
       For middle and high school students; includes articles on countries, cultures and current events; also includes an atlas and almanacs.

       The New Book of Knowledge:
       Reference and current events; for elementary school and higher; includes literary selections, a timeline, projects, experiments, news, homework help
       and more.

       The New Book of Popular Science:
       For middle and high school students; includes articles in the areas of science, technology and medicine.

Kids InfoBits is a database developed especially for beginning researchers in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Featuring a developmentally appropriate, visually graphic interface, the most popular search method is moving from a broad subject to a narrower topic using the subject-based topic tree. The curriculum-related, age appropriate, full text content is from the best elementary reference sources and magazines. This database covers geography, current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is the premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from Offshore Drilling to Climate Change, Health Care to Immigration. Opposing Viewpoints in Context helps students research, analyze and organize a broad variety of data for conducting research, completing writing assignments, preparing for debates, creating presentations and more.

Technology see Computers
Terrorism see also Criminal Justice
War & Terrorism Collection
War and Terrorism Collection: A definitive periodical collection of hand selected titles for analysts, risk management professionals and students of military science, history, and social science. [Coverage: 1980-current]
Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Collection
Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection: With current and relevant content from industry journals, travel guides and magazines this collection provides well-rounded coverage of both the historical and current state of affairs in the hospitality and tourism field, while also allowing for focused study of specialized aspects of the industry - including cultural aspects of travel, leisure activities, economic aspects of tourism, and more. [Coverage: 1980-current]

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