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The Hazeltine Public Library in Busti was made possible by gifts from Charles Benjamin Reed Hazeltine, and from the estate of Albert Jones left to his daughter Fanny Jones.

Charles Benjamin Reed Hazeltine, who lived in Arlington, Massachusetts was secretary of the Mellin Food Company for many years. He wanted $5,000 of his money to go towards books for a library in Busti, given in memory of his father Pardon Hazeltine who had lived and served in Busti. The library was to be located as near as possible to the five corners. Charles Benjamin Reed Hazeltine's will obligated the Town of Busti to provide suitable quarters for the library books and the sum of $200.00 per year for expense of administration. It was to be set up as a Regents Library and to be administered by the State Board of Regents. All books purchased from the endowment funds were to be first approved by the State Board of Regents.

The proposition was presented to the Town of Busti on November 3, 1914. The Town Board immediately voted to appropriate the $200.00 per year if and when the legacy should be received.

In 1934, the Town Board of Supervisors supervised the construction of a new library building and supplied the architect and some federal funds under the TERA. Previously the library had been housed in the Busti Town Hall.

Fanny Jones taught in two Busti District elementary schools. She also was the first president of the Board of Trustees of the Library. Her generous bequest, in addition to funds obtained by the Town of Busti, made the original library building possible.

Pardon Hazeltine, born in 1801, settled first in Busti. He was Town Supervisor, 1836-1839. He was Town Clerk, 1835-1838. Then in 1840 he moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, where he died on March 12, 1844. He married first Harriet Sherman and next Abigail R. Wheelock. Abigail and Pardon had two children: Harriet Shearman Hazeltine, born on February 1, 1841; and Charles Bejamin Reed Hazeltine, born on January 23, 1843.

Records pertaining to the establishment of the library:

Certificate of Establishment of a new public library in Busti - December 29, 1922
Application for library charter - June 30, 1923
Inspection of Busti Public Library - October 27, 1923
Provisional Charter of public library granted - January 3, 1924
Inspection of Busti Public Library for Registration - June 24, 1924
Opening of the Busti Public Library - June 24, 1924

Certificate of Registration granted - November 21, 1924
Application for Library Registration - October 29, 1924
Absolute charter granted - December 18, 1970

In 1975, the addition was made to the building. In 2004, the renovation of the building was completed to transform the library facility into its current warm atmosphere.


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