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Board of Trustees-Meeting Minutes

Hazeltine Public Library Board Minutes 03-12-2014




MARCH 12, 2014


Present:  Pat Fincher, Chris Anderson, Sandy Kearney, Tracy Hewitt

Absent:  Jennifer Phillips, Janet Henderson






Call to order/attendance


Called to order at 7:05pm;

Treasurer’s report


Reviewed items per Pat

Payroll addition made to 4th Q 2013

Showing an $11K profit b/c grant $ not spent yet

Tracy amended Library Stat report to include ebooks borrowed of 716



Reviewed Jan/Feb budget numbers; no payroll or utility actuals yet;

Checking balance: $23,904

Savings balance: $8,300

CD: $11,950


Bills to be Paid

Tracy reviewed with board; bills totaled $870.20


Treasurers report accepted

















Board approved bills to be paid as presented

Approval of Jan. & Feb. minutes


Board reviewed January minutes and special meeting minutes

Approve Jan minutes with change to bookcase copy; Special mtg minutes approved





Director’s report


Data – held steady on patrons; purchase were light b/c of December hold on ordering thru the system; more circulated in Jan than Feb.; quarterly survey of patrons reviewed – Tracy presented steady library visit throughout the day in the report; two peak days were 13 and 20 people respectively; Mondays look to be good days for library visits in the afternoons.


Grant Submission Plan – Tracy suggested we look for submitting for Children’s books.  Reviewed list of grants in the past; Tracy will submit grant to Jessie Smith Darrah fund.


Knitting classes – attendance was good Tracy reported; had six people learn how to knit






Old Business


--old book sale/Bible

--policy update--volunteer


--chimney cap



Ambit – we are now on the plan and saving some $


Old Book Sale/Bible – Mr. Berry said yes to $200 for old books; old bible went for $35 at a Chinese Auction


Policy Update – volunteer policy was reviewed by board; Pat & Tracy amended; Pat asked for comments and suggestions


NYSERDA – presentation done on Feb 24.  One person attended; One person attended.  Sandy reported on this event.


Chimney Cap – still on hold; no one on roof yet b/c of snow


Bookcase – Pat reviewed;

memorial $ given for a bookcase to be placed in the lobby; looked at using old materials from basement; not too cost effective; Janet informed Pat that carpenter cannot make bookcase; discussion to purchase or see if someone else could make one or contact Boces classes?; also looked at Geer Dunn and Valu Home Center












Policy update approved

















Board to look at options; Chris may have a bookcase to donate; Pat going to investigate Geer Dunn.





New Business

--donation letter

--brainstorm programs


Donation letter – Pat shared information with the board; letters have been printed; envelopes are almost done; items will be delivered to library on Tuesday; Pat asked a volunteer to help stuff envelopes; Also asked for other volunteers


Thank you letter – Doug and Michelle sent us a sample; Pat also showed us cards from other libaries



Brainstorm programs – Pat asked if we had any other ideas for new programs



Sewer pipe – pipe was exposed; heat tape was placed on it by Pat/Jim; pipe had frozen; within 15 min of heat tape wrap, it unfroze!



Branding – Tracy reviewed some ideas on branding the Hazeltine Library; a tagline for the Library; Tracy thought of a couple taglines.


Mailing all ready to go on Tuesday!










Board decided to go with card option; Chris to design card; Eli to print for us again after Tracy contacts him.


Tracy planning to contact Audubon; they require a donation;




Ok for now; need to review in September for different options to fix






Tracy to send out list of taglines to the board; Tracy to send out other items on branding as well.


Period for public expression



Other Business

Tim Young had wanted to attend meeting to talk about a place in Busti to display carvings…Tracy shared his request for us; willing to make glass display cases; he is a well known carver; Ralph Sundquist is the carver


One and One – Domain host for web site; have a special

Board reviewed the request;


Questions about insurance/liability need to be answered;


Tracy to get back in contact with Tim to ask more questions


Board decided to wait to consider until new web site is built

Adjourn/next meeting

8:00pm on the nose!

May 14, 2014




891 Busti-Sugar Grove Road, Jamestown, NY 14701 * 716-487-1281 * hazeltinelibrary@stny.rr.com