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Board of Trustees-Meeting Minutes

Hazeltine Public Library Board Minutes 01-08-2014



JANUARY 8, 2014


ATTENDING: Tracy Hewitt, Pat Fincher, Chris Anderson, Sandy Kearney, Janet Henderson, Jennifer Phillips, Cheryl Akin (Guest)






Call to order/attendance



Ambit Presentation

Cheryl Akin gave a presentation on Ambit Energy, advantages to signing the library up

Motion was made by Sandy 2nd by Janet

All in Favor

Tracy will be in contact with Cheryl and Ambit

Election of Officers

Discussion was held to determine officers for 2014; Jennifer had to resign as Secretary

Chris volunteered as Secretary; Pat remained President; Sandy remained Treasurer, and Janet became Vice President

Treasurer’s report


Tracy reviewed quarterly numbers; Library received $6500 from Cathy Young; $3000 from Lenna Foundation for materials



Tracy submitted bills to be paid totaling $575. 

Motion was made by Jennifer to accept treasurers report, seconded by Chris

Approval of Jan. & Feb. minutes



Minutes approved as written





Director’s report
















Tracy reported on patron visits for 2013 – 6,249 visits/ circulation of 11,900, which was a bit under 2012’s numbers


Proposal was submitted by Warren Berry to purchase the “not for sale” books for $167 total.


Christmas story time – Tracy reported there were 7-8 children who attended and went well


Plans for knitting class – on Tues mornings & Mondays; 2 are scheduled; several people signed up for class!

The board thanked Tracy for her report





Motion was made by Janet to counteroffer at $200; motion seconded by Sandy; all in favor

Old Business


Policy updates – update was made to financial policy and procedures by Pat and Tracy




Adopt a Magazine – Tacy reported there were several magazines adopted; mags were bought in Dec with Senator Young grant


NYSERDA – Sandy reported that Michael can come in Feb for the NYSERDA program.


Chimney Cap – still on hold for Spring


Bookcase – Pat reported there are many pieces in the basement; Pat got quote from EATON for $267




Old Book Prices –discussion of late fees and cost of old books; $2 for hardcover and $1 for softcover




Plumbing – No water has been seen; seems to be ok right now


Board reviewed and approved with one change – Add 990 reporting to #6

Motion by Sandy to approve; Seconded by Janet; all in favor













Still on hold for Spring



Board reviewed Pat’s quote, discussed.  Janet suggested we have a retired carpenter come in and see if a new book case can be built



Motion by Sandy; seconded by Jennifer 


Board raised the price of overdue books from 5 cents to 15 cents per day in late fees


Circle Mechanical is working on bracing to the the pipes

New Business


Budget Review - $50K from TOB for 2014; board reviewed the 2014 proposed budget


Bonus to staff was discussed for Tracy & Carol; not given in 2013






Donation Letter – board reviewed letter again; agreed to send out in March







Brainstorm of New Programs – Tracy is looking for new ideas






Motion was made by Chris to add $200 to donations and $200 to miscellaneous expenditures in 2014 budget to cover bonuses in 2014; seconded by Sandy; all in favor


Tracy, Pat and Chris will work on finalizing the letter and preparing for mailing with CCLS; board agreed to use CCLS and purchase out own envelopes; Chris will design envelopes, letterhead and 90th anniversary seal


Ideas: computer classes, job search classes, electronic device classes, Audubon programs; send Tracy your ideas!


Period for public expression



Other Business

Web site update

Chris & Tracy to discuss; Chris will volunteer his time to design a new site

Adjourn/next meeting

Adjourned at 8:42

Next meeting 3/12/14






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