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Board of Trustees-Meeting Minutes

Hazeltine Public Library Board Minutes 11-13-2013


Hazeltine Public Library


NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Attending: Janet Henderson, Sandy Kearney, Jennifer Phillips, Pat Fincher, Tracy Hewitt, Rick Thor (visitor)




Call to order/attendance


As noted

Treasurer’s report
Receipts and disbursements
Bills to be paid
Funds in reserve
Gas & elec to town


Bills for payment were reviewed.


For Nov. & Dec.

Balance in checking: $21,235.51
Balance in CD: $11,760.35
Balance in MM: $8,055.35
Funds in reserve were from fund raising
Bills approved for payment

Approval of Sept. minutes





$3000 award from the Lenna foundation received

Director’s report
--grant-music, Lenna, raising dough for kids
--memorial $--plans
--job search classes
--time study
--“not for sale books”

Reports presented by Tracy; job search classes successful; time study done for 2 weeks in Oct.—to be repeated quarterly; “not for sale books” that were in basement can be sold—a list of titles is being created


Tracy will request summer reading program materials from the “raising dough for kids” grant; memorial $ will be used for a bookcase for ongoing sale books; vendors for old books will be contacted by Tracy and Pat

Old Business
--magazine plans
--policy updates
responsibilities of board; public relations; material challenge form; general personnel; ethics statement
--strategic plan
--AM power and gas
--chimney cap

Janet organized magazines for an “adopt a magazine” program; magazines past renewal dates have been renewed with library funds. Policies and strategic plan were reviewed.
Chimney cap has not been installed.  Tracy will check with Eric.


Policies as listed except for general personnel additions were approved and adopted. Strategic plan was adopted.  Agreed that a NYSERDA information program could be offered to the public in January—Sandy will coordinate with her son.  There will be an Ambit presentation at the Jan. meeting.  Jen to make arrangements.

New Business
book sale prices
donation letter
holiday party?
Sam’s club renewal
Water filter/plumbing
Snow removal

Recommended by Eli
Need cleaning
Does anyone know a leader who would help establish?
$45 fee
Plumbing holding water filter appears fragile.
Sturzenbecker and Dorler put in a bid for plowing.


Need finance policy before an audit; Tracy and Pat will work on policy.
Hold carpet cleaning until spring.
Hold book sale prices.
Seek more help for letter.
Holiday party at Finchers TBA.
Decision not to renew Sam’s Club.
Tracy to call Quality Mechanical for plumbing.
Contract with Dorler for snow removal. $30/time

Period for public expression

Rick Thor spoke about the Town budget. 

$50,000 has been recommended for the library.

Other Business

Christmas storytime

Will be Dec. 20th.

Adjourn/next meeting


Jan. 8, 2014

Respectfully submitted
Pat Fincher



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