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Board of Trustees-Meeting Minutes

Hazeltine Public Library Board Minutes 9-11-2013


Hazeltine Public Library

Present: Pat Fincher, Sandy Kearney, Janet Henderson, Chris Anderson, Jennifer Phillips, Jesse Robbins (visitor), Rick Thor (visitor), Tracy Hewitt (director)

Pat Fincher called meeting to order.
Chris Anderson was introduced.
Minutes were read and approved.
Treasurer’s report was approved. 
Discussed bills for August 15th through Sept 11th. 
Sandy motioned to pay bills Jen seconded the motion and the board agreed.

We collected $7.45 for the Community Foundation piggy bank project. 

Director's report:
Tracy reported that she received $1,000 grant for job search program to be held in Sept. 2013 at the Hazeltine Library.
News has been received from the library system that the same amount of material’s grant will be received from them next year as was this year, which is about $2,500.
The director felt that the summertime youth program was a success. 
The reading program, puppet show, and open house went well and a higher % of youth kept reading throughout the summer.
Book/bake sale total was $785.80. ($530 books, $250 bake).
4 Donations from the memorial fund of June Carlstrom came in totaling $85.

Old Business:
Sections of the policy, general personnel, the job descriptions for the director, and assistant, and computer and internet use, were discussed and updated. 
In order to save money, adopt a magazine was suggested. 
Janet Henderson gave a report on Busti Federated Church Fun Day.
A letter containing the budget for the Hazeltine Library was submitted to the town of Busti board.
Ambit power and gas discussion was moved to November.

New Business:
Pat presented the Strategic Plan. Some changes were made and updates were made.
Minutes should be available on the website. 
2013 annual meeting will be held Wednesday, Oct. 9th, 6:00 pm at the Jackson Center.
Water in the basement. Tracy is checking into the problem.

Meeting was adjourned. 
Next meeting to be held Nov. 13, 2013. 
Following the business meeting, Jesse Robins and Rick Thor spoke regarding the Town of Busti budget. 

Minutes completed by Jennifer Phillips (secretary)



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