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History for historical documents
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politics for elected officials

Legislative Branch
House of Representatives
Hearing Schedule
THOMAS --links to Bills, activities of Congress, Congressional Record, etc...
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress --1774-Present
Government Documents --both federal & international
Library of Congress
Information on the Capitol Building

Federal Government Agencies
Budget - Office of Management and Budget --year 2000 budget
Census Bureau --publications
Centers for Disease Control
Code of Federal Regulations
Economic Statistics Briefing Room --current federal economic indicators
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
    FBI - Most Wanted
    History of the FBI
Federal Government Directory
Federal Government Phone Numbers  --Federal Citizen Information Center - GSA
Federal Statistics --"The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies"
Government Documents --both federal & international
Government Documents Round Table --frequently used sites related to US Federal Government Information
NASA Homepage
National Park Service
Patent and Trademark Office, U.S.
Social Security Online
Social Statistics Briefing Room --current federal social statistics
State Department
United States Postal Service  --U.S. Government Directory - "Government Made Easy"

Websites housing government documents & websites with links to government documents
Government Documents Librarianship
U.S. Government Documents Ready Reference Collection  --government document reference sources

Judicial Branch
United States Supreme Court
Supreme Court Decisions dating from 1937-1975 --Fedworld
Supreme Court Decisions, past and current --Cornell University

Executive Branch
White House
Presidential Libraries from Yahoo!

FLAGS see Homework Helper Page

Foreign Languages see also Foreign Language Dictionaries under Dictionaries or Translation Services
Visual Link Languages --"You can learn over 1,400 words for free here! There are interactive audio/visual flash cards to help you learn a language..."