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Foreign Language Dictionaries see also Translation Services
Byki [Many other foreign language tools start by teaching grammar. Byki is different. It leverages the fact that adults learn foreign languages by collecting words and phrases in their memory, like items in a basket. The more items you have, the more able you are to use your foreign language. Byki is the fastest possible way to lock foreign words and phrases in your long-term memory.]
Foreign Language Dictionaries for Travelers 
--search for word or phrase in several dictionaries at once
Visual Link Languages --"You can learn over 1,400 words for free here! There are interactive audio/visual flash cards to help you learn a language..." --foreign language dictionaries, translation between languages, and rules of grammar

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Simpson's Contemporary Quotations --"The Most Notable Quotations: 1950-1988" (searchable database)
Yahoo's Quotation Links

DISABILITIES see Special Needs

Domestic Violence
Family Violence Prevention Fund
National Domestic Violence Hotline