July 24, 2014

Free webinar on rebranding libraries – July 11

Not Your Grandma’s Library Anymore: Rebranding Success Stories

Please join us for this one hour webinar where you will hear from two exciting libraries as they share how they continue to change community perceptions and create innovative brands that demonstrate the library’s role in a digital age.

Jim Staley, the marketing and communications director of Mid-Continent Public Library will share how Mid-Continent has rebranded in an attempt to answer the question, “Will we need libraries when we don’t print books?” Libraries have to think beyond the books to the information and opportunity they provide. MCPL’s branding around the idea of “Access” is focused on explaining to stakeholders where they can find the real value of the public library.

Anythink Communications Manager, Stacie Ledden, will describe how branding helped transform the worst-funded library system in the state of Colorado into one of the most recognized libraries in the country. The Anythink brand is more than a logo – it infuses everything they do at Anythink. Stacie will discuss how this has helped shift the perception of libraries in Adams County – and how Anythink will share these philosophies at the upcoming R-Squared Conference in Telluride this September.

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Title: Not Your Grandma’s Library Anymore: Rebranding Success Stories
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Time: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST


Katie Klossner
Market Development Manager
Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

Presenter Bios:

Jim Staley

Jim Staley is the Marketing & Communications Director at Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City, Missouri. As   the first Marketing Director for the three-county library system, Jim was   responsible for developing a system-wide approach to focused, patron-centered   marketing. In his five years at the library, his department has concentrated   on providing marketing support that incorporates more than publicity and   promotion. Instead, the group emphasizes the cultivation of appropriate   service offerings, adaptation of new technology, and a brand that expands the   community’s view of what the Library offers. Before coming to MCPL, Jim   worked as both a nonprofit do-gooder and advertising agency stooge.

Stacie Ledden

Stacie Ledden is the Communications Manager at Anythink Libraries. After joining the district in 2008,   Stacie assisted in launching the Anythink brand that in 2011 garnered the   John Cotton Dana Award for Outstanding Public Relations in Libraries. In her   position at Anythink, she has filled the role of event planner, webmaster,   brand champion and Anythink cheerleader. Previous to her work at Anythink,   Stacie was an editor for a global newswire service, freelance writer and   faithful library customer. Most recently, she’s helping lead the team organizing
R-Squared – The Risk & Reward Conference launching   this fall in Telluride, CO.