July 22, 2014

OverDrive’s Next Generation Site is here!



We now have a new look to our OverDrive site!

To view a video about the new interface, click here >>

In April, Megan will be conducting workshops for member library staff on the new site and on Content Reserve. Dates and times for those workshops will be forthcoming.

Please note the following with our new OverDrive site:

1.) Around 73% of our eBook collection has the Read (In your browser) option. In the tutorial for the Next Gen site, it makes it sound like all of our titles have this option to See Book Read Book. If a title has the Read button the patron can click on Read and open the book without any special software. This option works on all devices. If your patron still wants to download the Kindle or EPUB format they click on the Download (Select one format) button. They will follow the same steps as with the old site. The Kindle format will take the patron to Amazon. The EPUB will still require Adobe Digital Editions.

2.) The Next Generation platform works well in all standard and mobile browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The website makes use of web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 that are not supported by some versions of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 7 users will be automatically prompted to install the Google Chrome Frame Plug-in for general site use. Additionally, all Internet Explorer users will need the Google Chrome Frame Plug-in to enjoy browser-based eBooks.

3.) OverDrive app users will need to update/download the latest OverDrive app in order to access the new OverDrive site.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan.