July 25, 2014

Collections Care Basics – Free Recorded Webcasts Available 24/7

Recorded webcasts from Heritage Preservation’s online course, Collections Care Basics: Where Do I Begin?

Webinar 1: Overview: Agents of Deterioration and the Need for Collections Care. - Instructor: Donia Conn

Webinar 2: Collections Environment: Practical Solutions for Imperfect Places. - Instructor: Tara Kennedy

Webinar 3: Storage and Handling. – Instructor: Donia Conn

Webinar 4: Pest Management. – Instructor: Donia Conn

Webinar 5: Mold! – Instructor: Tara Kennedy
Audio failed to record for this webinar, but closed captioning is available.

Webinar 6: Staff and Volunteer Management for Collections Care. - Instructor: Donia Conn