July 31, 2014

Town of Carroll Comprehensive Plan Survey

The Town of Carroll is in the process of developing a new Town of Carroll Comprehensive Plan. They would like input from as many as possible. This survey is not limited to just Town of Carroll residents. Question 3 asks if we reside in Town of Carroll, own a business in Town of Carroll, work in the Town of Carroll, own property in the Town of Carroll, or Other.

I encourage all of you to participate by completing the survey on the Town of Carroll Community Planning website http://www.carrollplan.com/Home_Page.php. Paper surveys are available here at the library as well as the Town Hall, Frewsburg Pharmacy and some other Frewsburg “downtown” locations.   Thank you for participating in this survey.


Diane Crandall
Director Myers Memorial Library
P.O. Box 559
Frewsburg, NY 14738