July 26, 2014

3 Apples Book Award




         What are your kids’ favorite books?�

Nominations are open for the 3 Apples Book Awards, the New York State Children’s Choice Award!  The 3 Apples Book Award has been developed to encourage the joy of reading for pleasure, and to give the children of New York State the opportunity to participate in honoring their favorite books. The Award is co-sponsored by the Youth Services and School Library Media Sections of the New York Library Association, which together represent the public and school libraries of the state. 

 The Award is divided into 3 age levels;  Young Readers, the yellow apple, grades pre-K-2nd (3-8 yrs);  Children’s, the red apple, grades 3-6 (8-12 yrs);  Teen, the green apple, grades 7-12 (13+ yrs).  Click on How to Participate in the left margin of the webpage to find out how it works. The links for the Nomination Forms (separate one for each age group) are available below.  Make them available for your young patrons to fill out.  It is requested that each child submit only one and that it must be a specific title – not a series. 




All nominations by kids need to be in by Oct. 2oth and the librarian should tally them, how many nominations for each title, and submit the list of nominated titles by Oct. 30th.  If you wish, you can send the list of nominations to me and I will submit for the group.  Please submit to me by Oct. 28th.  Contact me if you have questions.  Valle