August 1, 2014

Updated Working Plan Draft & PowerPoint that Documents the Process

From the Planning Consultants:

Once the plan is approved, we’ll update the plan in the NYSL format so that it can be filed as required.

Planning survey is still open

Member Libraries:
You still have time to fill out the planning survey!
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Member Libraries: Add your input to 5 Year Plan draft on wiki

Member Libraries: The draft copy of the 5 Year Plan is now available on the wiki. Please add your ideas and comments. The wiki address is listed below. Thank you!

“We now have a first draft of the plan up on the wiki.   It’s a good first draft—honors the work of the Steering Committee and the data as a whole.  But we know it’s still very ‘drafty’ and would like to have your ideas and comments during the month of July.

Links to the slideshow from the Steering Committee meeting (with the data), the draft plan, and the work we did with System Consultants to map the draft to the NYSL form can all be accessed from the wiki’s front page:

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Planning Survey and Wiki Links

Member Libraries:
Please submit your Planning Survey by 5:00pm on June 22, 2012.
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The Planning Consultants have set up a wiki for the planning process. This is a place where we can share ideas, documents, questions–anything and everything that will help us put together our strategic plan.
Click here for the wiki >>